Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lately I've been contemplating on what my theme for my next artwork for school should be, and how I should present it. As I contemplated, I began to think quite a bit about how complex photography can be. Most often it is known as an "easy art" as it requires only "composing and clicking a button". For me, I guess I see it as the science of art. There are so many elements to photography and functions on a camera that need to be understood and mastered. Sometimes I get caught up in the mechanics of it that I forget to enjoy. Although don't get me wrong, most of my motivation derives from inspiration and pure joy. Other times it becomes difficult to produce a photograph without it being so commercial and bland, with no depth. But then again, it is one of those circumstancial things. Of course this is what makes it so exciting, and just like anything else in life, the things that aren't as challenging aren't as meaningful.

These are just three of the photos I produced for my Year 11 Art Photography using darkroom techniques, and whilst I can say that I do somewhat like these photos, they aren't my complete best.


For this one, I experimented with layering by placing projector sheets of my photographs on top of one another. My theme was "Transition of Time".




A self-portrait showing not my physical self.

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