Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girl, interrupted

On account of my lent promise, I haven't been in contact with the internet at all.
Temptation has given in, and for just this one day I have let myself go. But never fear,
I shall redeem myself soon enough.

I'm beginning to not give a shit about anything anymore. Something indistinguishable
has hit me, which i'm finding difficult to figure out. If I care, I care too much and
therefore trigger an insane amount of anger for trying to understand. So I stop.
Stop caring, that is, which in the end does no good either. I'm finding it rather strange
that it's impossible for me to be somewhere in the middle. Just as strange as the fact
that I can be either really loud, or really quiet. Never in between. I'm full of ambivalence
and i'm lacking hope that maybe that could change.


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