Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Isn't it funny how the holidays can be so tiring despite the amount of sleeping and lazing around? Melbourne weather is really starting to warm up (Yes - nice, sunny,walk-on-the-beach-type-weather), I guess you could say that week two of my holidays has so far been the most unhealthiest.

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Paige (horse) slept over my crib yesternight. Our mini sleepover consisted of: Attempting to own Paige at singstar; which I failed miserably at because she is the next Kylie Minouge, introducing her to my latest game hype - Little Big Planet, making scrumptious banana splits, watching an outback movie about cuckoos, watching Saw 3, and going on Teen Chat because Paige wanted to, and she is loser. Neigh.

The first Big Day Out announcement was made yesterday, and no Blink. I am really starting to lose all hope!I'm not so excited to go to BDO or Soundwave. My current thought is to not go to either of them.

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I also pray for my family and relatives in the Philippines, as well as everyone else who was affected by the flood.

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